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Living the dream - October 2012

Of the hundreds of people we know that run businesses, a significant number admit that they are making sacrifices now because their eyes are fixed upon some longer term, serious lifestyle change down the road.

I once worked (1980) for an Accountancy Tuition firm in Manchester. One of the partners Greg used to say that he is prepared to do the hard miles, work seven days a week, because in four years time he would be fifty. And that is when he will sell the business for a lot of money and then take his wife and two small children to live in Spain. He needed to get "away from the rain, the tax and the people."

When I met Greg by chance 10 years later, he was divorced, stressed, still working in the North West and still talking about some future utopia.

The happiest people that we know in business are those that are more or less content with what they are doing today. They may take the occasional glance into the future; we all need dreams and things to look forward to, but the vast majority of their time and energy is spent on what they are involved with now.

The judgement call is on whether the price we are currently paying is worth both the risk and the imagined benefit of what may or may not lie ahead. 

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Tim and Sharon Kidson are the partners in TKA. They also work with a variety of associates who can fulfil areas such as Human Resource specialists to help you with contracts of employment and other legislative requirements; IT technicians and web designers; Inheritance Tax experts and so on.