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Innovate - January 2012

New ways of doing things, new ways of thinking, new ways of behaving are a constant potential source of new income streams. If only we can recognise it and do something about it.

We need to look afresh at just about every aspect of our business and then say, "Just what is it that we could we start to do better or more efficiently or differently?" And just one good idea is so often the catalyst for the next really good idea. And that in turn can lead to something very special.

At Certainly Wood they started by growing trees; they then recognised the increasing demand for low-carbon, renewable energy sources. They dry wood using waste sawdust and chippings to fire the kiln, thereby avoiding purchasing oil and saving landfill. With new ideas every step of the way Certainly Wood are now the UK's largest specialist firewood producer.

One of the interesting things about innovation however is that it can come at anytime, from anywhere and from anyone. It could be the youngest, newest, most junior person in your organisation; it could be the next person you meet when you take time to get out of the business to get to know other entrepreneurs.

This is the attitude of people that are absolutely determined to be successful, whatever is happening elsewhere.

Let's listen to Nic Snell. 

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