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We work with many Small to Medium sized Enterprises who value the external perspective an outside consultant can bring.  Often acting in a non-executive type role we provide impartial and practical help and advice that puts the needs of the business above everything else.

“Tim’s input has helped to develop what was a ‘2-man band’ into the organisation that M&M is now – a £50 million company.”

Mark Ellis, Joint Chairman, M&M Sports Ltd

“I can’t begin to describe the profound effect Sharon’s visits have on me.”

Jon Williams, Owner, Eastnor Pottery

“Tim has been a key part of this successful project, working with all levels of our team.  In particular, he has brought a level of impartiality to some difficult personality issues within our organisation, that an insider could not have done.”

Ian Smith, Managing Partner, Rabjohns

“Sharon – your team building session was invaluable – people really started to understand a bit about each other. Best money we’ve ever spent!”

Kath Clayden, Personnel Manager, PGL Travel Ltd

Family Businesses

Over the years we have worked with a variety of family businesses that all have their own unique set of issues, challenges and opportunities. Often it can mean helping family members work more productively and sometimes professionally together or easing the pain of succession as the business passes from one generation to another. 

Case Study

As soon as Richard heard Tim speak at an executive group meeting he knew that he was the person to help with his business. Richard and his brother John inherited the family business from their father 10 years ago and where equal majority shareholders.  The senior team was very dysfunctional and the business was not realising its potential but Richard knew that the real problem lay between him and his brother and their inability to resolve issues.

Tim started with facilitating a Bull’s Eye day with the senior team to ensure that openness, honesty and transparency existed at the senior level. A clear direction was ascertained but most importantly for the first time Richard and John were both agreed on the direction the business should take. Upon completing the directors’ appraisals with the senior management team frustrations that had marred the brother’s relationship both at work and home were acknowledged. Committed to their development points they were able to focus on the business through a much-improved working relationship. Development points for all the rest of management team meant that everyone knew what they personally needed to do in order to achieve the Bull’s Eye.

Executive Groups

As part of being on the professional speaking circuit Tim has developed a talk that has proved very popular with executive groups around the country. It uses the model we have developed around the crucial links between clarifying direction, developing trust and enhancing performance and provides practical take aways and tools to help executives use the model in their own organisations.

“That was a brilliant session Tim, everyone is buzzing.”- Gareth Osborne, Elite Group Chair, Birmingham"

“The group enjoyed your energy a lot, and the movement and pace during your session really kept them engaged – well done. This led to a high commitment to action and I shall be booking you for my other 2 groups.”

Peter Pritchett, Academy for Chief Executives Group Chair, Milton Keynes

Public Sector

We have worked successfully with many public bodies in a variety of roles.

“Sharon, thanks for all your work on Creative Industries - it's been invaluable to have that bedrock insight into how to deal with these companies and ideas.”

Andy Dawson, Creative Industries Co-ordinator, Herefordshire Council

 “Thank you for your personal contribution to HCT; for sharing with us your innovative and creative ideas which have had a beneficial effect on many people associated with the work of HCT, and for the recent staff development session that you delivered to our senior and middle managers.  Your support has been greatly appreciated."

Ian Peake, Principal & Chief Executive, Herefordshire College of Technology


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